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History of Lenrok

Become a jeweler

When he was 16 years old, Damjan made a decision that would change his life: he would become a jeweler. Eager to learn the best possible skills, he founded the school for contemporary jewelry making in Florence at the age of 17. The end result of years of work is the "Men's room" collection. The collection has been remarkably accepted and exhibited all over the world, making Damjan a prominent figure in the craft and jewelry business.

Everything started from a single source

Knots and their infinite symbolism fascinated Damjan from an early age. The knot has the power to stop negative energy by absorbing it in tension, making it a symbol of calm and peace.his search for a metal knot began in Florence. After many failed attempts and years of refinement, one day he found the way to master and create the perfect metal knot. This technique, patented in Geneva, forms the basis for Lenrok.

Become a jeweler

There are currently more than 200 outstanding pieces of jewelry available from Lenrok. With products already sold in over 25 countries, the company continues its global expansion.Lenrok is constantly focused on designing and creating new pieces.


Damjan believes that jewelry is one of the most cherished possessions and that buying jewelry is a sentimental experience. To make this moment even more precious, Lenrok offers every customer the opportunity to personalize their jewelry and the box to make it even more intimate and unique.