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Lenrok Materials


As the most popular precious metals, silver and gold are traditionally associated with success and wealth.

Lenrok jewelry is made of true 925 sterling silver, a well-established alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper recognized by hallmark 925 stamp. It is known for wonderful versatility; it is always included in latest styles, and when correctly taken care of, it lasts a lifetime. The signature style of LEnrok is oxidized silver. It’s black contours enhance the jewelry silhouette, add depth to carved details, and reduce the need for caring and cleaning.


These stones are made of authentic volcanic rocks which form after an eruption. Carefully shaped and smoothed to expose their porous nature, lava beads look earthy yet elegant. Lenrok turns this volcanic residue into memorable jewelry.

We are especially proud of our freckled and glow in the night lava beads, which are made using special techniques to add liveliness to these classic stones.


Lenrok has a large assortment of gemstones in various colors and transparency to match everyone's taste. These AAA quality stones are carefully set in jewelry to enhance and cherish its beauty.


This remarkable wood is a true gift from nature itself. It has been admired from the times of ancient Egypt and is still one of most exquisite woods. Ebony is known for its hardness, fine-texture, and distinctive dark color. It gives our jewelry a natural and wild look.